Florida man tries to fly home with RPG in checked bag

Saw this on the Defense News this morning!

[(Military Times) Transportation Security Administration officers at Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley International Airport received an unusual surprise Monday when luggage belonging to a man flying home to Florida set off an alarm as it went through checked bag security.

Link below. Turns out it is inert and legal but that argument with the TSA will not usually turn out well. Call and check first and get name, or better yet, mark it well and ship via UPS or FedEx



To his credit, at least he didn’t try to board with it in his carry-on luggage!


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It was not me.

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Based on the fascinating & frightening tales of Jeff Osborne as delivered at SLICS seminars, I am surprised that he didn’t make it through. This, given the number of “souvenir” WWI warheads of which the inert-status is usually a firm “maybe / maybe-not”, have made it all the way to U.S. shores via commercial air travel!