Flower Shell - plant seeds with your 12g

This looks kind of interesting flowershell.com/

Seems oddly reminiscent of “seasonshot”, which although seemingly real, has never had any production to my knowledge. These things do great at making news in the forums & blogs.

Whether real or a fake promotional campaign, the creators show their ignorance of ammo where on the web page they show a photo of soldiers firing shotguns with the tag line “a regular shell KILLS”’ except they show birdshot as the shell type…


$50.00 US for 4 shells. guy must think money grows on trees, no make that flowers

DK - I am not defending the lack of knowledge of the originator of any ad for this “flower-planting” cartridge. However, I would not want any inexperienced gun handlers that might be looking at this Forum and thread to get the idea that a 12 ga upland game load or a trap and skeet load, loaded with shot like 7-1/2s, is not potentially lethal. It is all dependent on range and point of impact. A “birdshot” load can be lethal at short range with a hit to vital areas.

So, the statement in that ad relating to showing a “birdshot” load being fired with a declaration that “a regular shell kills” is not necessarily false.

Of course the concept of the shells being advertised, at the price asked, is silly. One can plant seeds with a trowel and hoe, and those implements last a lifetime if cared for.

Agreed John, I just meant that soldiers would not being shooting birdshot, they would be shooting 00-buckshot. When I saw the image of the soldiers and the bidrshot, my mind gave an error message to me when I tried to picture them shooting pheasant.

DK - Yes, I looked at the picture now. I see it is two separate pictures - one of a “birdshot” load showing shells and shot charge, the other of a couple some military personnel shooting their Benelli (?) shotguns. They probably are shooting buckshot. I would guess when they made the ad, they simply used whatever normal shotgun cartridge they had handly to make the cartridge photo.

If I cared to plant seeds in my back yard, I don’t think my neighbors would appreciate me using a 12 gauge shotgun to do it. I think urban dwellers would be best served using the old-fashion ways, using garden implements! :-)

if someone buys a few rounds…count me in to repurchase one as a “special purpose” example (even though the anti-gun message rings through out)

(I wonder if they mark them according to the seed load…one would think so…maybe I need one of each!)

'could be a full circle round to add with the forest service back fire incendiary round

I know Texas has a sizable program to spread roadside wildflowers, and even has facilities for harvesting wildflower seeds for that purpose. I guess I can see some utility for TXDOT personnel driving down state highways and firing seed-filled shells. But I’ve not heard of that being done anywhere, and I have no idea how they actually spread wildflower seeds. The high cost of the shells would certainly limit their use.

OK my turn to nit-pic would the heat generated by the compression and escaping gases be great enough to roast the seeds thus killing the embryo?

I love these novelty rounds. I would think the wad would provide enough insulation to protect the seeds from any heat. Just another funny thought, the shell reminds me of the old Mario Bros on the Nintendo. Different way of thinking of “flower power” haha

Does anyone know if they really exist ? (I would like to know if anyone has heald a headstamped “flower shell”)

and the question begs…'assumed they aren’t able to ship to the US ?

At the risk of delving into a forbidden reloading topic I had to try this. I must have more time on my hands than I thought as I got a little curious as to what kind of a load it would take to make this cartridge work. Flower seeds weigh next to nothing. In fact, a W-W AA 12 ga. case can hold only 83 gr of mixed perennial flower seeds. This is without powder or wad and uncrimped. I suspected that a rather anemic ‘fooomp’ or more commonly known among shotgun reloaders as a ‘blooper ‘. I decided to waste a scarce commodity, some powder and primers and see if this would work. A charge of powder and a plastic wad and sufficient seeds to fill the case compacted and crimped. It looked like a normal reload. I stepped out the back door and discharged it. Or rather fooomped it. The seeds and wad cleared the bore. Barely. Right now we have 16”-18” of global warming on the ground. The dispersion results are readily visible on the snow. The wad traveled about 60 feet and the seeds not quite as far and not very well dispersed. The bore had much unburned powder left behind. I suspect a smokeless load could be found but why? One more try, only this time with a black powder load in my 10 bore Stephen Grant. A very small charge of BP and the brass case filled with a card overseed wad and I knew this would go bang. And it did. Seeds everywhere for about 60 ft x 30ft. Now I have to clean Mr. Grant…
The whole idea is really silly but no more ridiculous than the folks selling shotshells with ‘cremains’ loaded in them. These are available however. The flower shell site says these are made in the US but in order to manufacture and sell ammunition in the US a type 06 FFL is necessary and necessary liability insurance. Export would be real folly. I can think of no reason anyone currently in the shotshell manufacturing business would want to engage in this project as a producer for a second party. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to order so I would believe this is some silly ill advised business venture? Expensive novelty for the collection. Maybe that was the real intention to make a cartridge collector drool for an odd and novel shell to add to his/her collection.
edit; this is a Scandivanian outfit called Studio Total they have 10 products currently in development including a flying carpet …They might have a bridge for sale also.

Sportclay and everyone else
To get the price I had to e-mail then via the contact button.

PS Sportclay am in your area, visit?
I, too have a grant (and Lang).


I have also experimented with very light payload 12 ga. loads and found getting the smokeless powder to consistently burn to be the challenge. Techniques were developed to help add some resistance to the initial projectile motion that was otherwise mostly initiated by the primer.

While you may have planted your seeds on snow, with the weekend weather we have coming, you might find them sprouting before long!

Regarding these types of exotic loads, I always thought a special load for throwing rice would be a good idea as many of the weddings I have attended already had a shotgun present…


My guess is that this sort of load would be nothing more than a party-popper type of charge with probably the primer only popping the seeds out of the barrel without too much force. It would be the equivalent of using a slingshot, if that. As to the printed shells, I can’t tell if those are real, or computer-graphics generated. Doing the hull printing is easy enough with transfer decals, but the headstamp would be tough. I would wager that the headstamp does not really exist.

I am a careless reader…but did not comprehend this was a US venture (if it exists?)

I vote “DK” to track some of these critters down and peddle them at SLICS :)…I am in !

This link that Pete posted explains much especially the last section. Except for the 146 rounds the man fired to plant flowers in a field(he claims) there is not much indication that they actually exist

this ; flowershell.com/ link has the reference to the US production.
I do believe the head stamp would be difficult to photoshop but not impossible. Again why? but if in fact someone like Estate Cart or RST (I doubt Morris would make this) one of the other makers may have run a small batch of a special head stamp? Just for grins? Any group entertaining the development of a flying carpet may have been sowing too many cannabis seeds…

Perhaps an email requesting a sample empty hull would tender a response.