Fly the IAA membership "colors"

Unless someone tells me a good reason not to…

Be proud and

This should also be done on other cartridge or firearms related websites that offer that capability.

Testing 1…2

Just seein’ if it worked.

Let me have a go at that :)

Just updated my profile. Hope I got my membership date right :-)


Well did it work? Vic

I can’t remember! 2003 or earlier.

Eric Henderson

Carry on gents…

I love it…kinda like a sports fan, Be Loud, Be Proud !..

but no one needs face paint or the cartridge club’s ID letters painted on their chests !

PS…Conference Championship football game in Green bay this weekend…“high” predicted temp in single digits (F)…“low”…predicted below zero!..could be frosty !

I think this was a great idea to list IAA Membership status, Pepper.

Good luck in that cold weather. That is very hardcore cold. Way to cold for this Miami guy :-) You guys are tuff dealing with weather like that, much less playing football in it. Burr! I can not remember that last time I wore a shirt that had sleeves on it.

Good suggestion, Mr. President…I added the “colors” to my profile…IAA Life Member since 1982…back when Jason was just a young man and hadn’t yet begun playing with Lions and Tigers and Bears !!

Hope it is OK and nobody minds…I also added my “other” colors…U.S.Navy…and DARN proud of it…!!!


I have added the following to my profile on some firearms sites I belong to. Perhaps they’ll drum-up some interest:

“Member: International Ammunition Assoc. (IAA), European Cartridge Research Assoc. (ECRA). Ask me about membership!”

Nice !

cartridge club evangelism !

All of you VETS and military personnel are major heroes and extremely appreciated by “This Guy”! You should definitely list that fact with your IAA membership if you ask me. :-)

Randy, you are right, no lions, tigers, or bears back in 1982, just wolves, primates and reptiles :-)


A bit later then planned but still a good start of the year I just became IAA member. Hope it went OK. It took a while to start with paypal.
Hangin’ around for a year on this forum I learned a lot about ammunition.
This is the place to be for any cartridge collector!

you are our kind of hanger arounder !


Pepper Burruss
IAA President