FM 9-13 Handbook

Picked a a small pocket sized handbook this weekend at the gun show. FM 9-13 Ammunition, A Guide for Ammunition Specialists. Very good information! Tom from MN

I have the same manual, titled FM 4-30.13 (FM 9-13), but in .pdf.
Not as convenient to carry around, but MUCH easier to read, and I can print out 8.5x11 if I need to…

Is that something that could/would be shared?

Yes, as soon as I find it again, on one of many hard drives…
I just went from four computers to two, and 6 drives, 3 external.
I need a better ‘recall’ system for my own brain!

UPDATE- I cannot find the 4-30 version [???] but I did find the FM 9-13 version, and- if it works- here it is…
FM 9-13 - 4 US Army 1986 Nov.pdf (2.2 MB)