FN 1903 9mm Browning long ammo box


I recently bought very nice FN 1903 pistol and looking for now original good shape FN 9mm browning long ammo box. Does anyone have photo from original FN ammo box how it looks? How much empty good shape box might cost?


I fired this twenty years ago in my 1903… and then they still worked!!


Huge thanks from those box photos.


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Thanks for your notice Lew and Bdgreen, but my box is not for sale, just information…


Thank you for posting your box. There is no intention to imply you were trying to sell it. Displaying it here is exactly what this Forum is all about.

And, Congratulations! it is a lovely box.



I understood it perfectly. I live itself Finland and not memeber of International Ammunition Association. I can’t then post to Buy/Sell/Trade forum. Most important for me was to see how original box looks like. Big thanks to BPatrone for sharing that box photos