FN 30.06 Armor Piercing


30.06 Armor piercing (7.62x 63mm), lead tipped steel core and gliding metal projectile, headstamp F/N/68, black tip, Berdan primer - corrosive.
Looks very similar to M2 30.06 armor piercing. Small diffrences in steel core shape, and doesn’t seam as tight of projectile. The U.S. had switched over to non-corrosive primers in 1952, except FA 53, 54, 56 match ammo.
“To help maitain thier inventories of U.S. supplied weapons, many other countries undertook manufacturing of 30.06 after WW2.” Frank Barnes


Can I ask what makes you think the FN 68 black tip AP is corrosive priming?

According to FN they switched to non-corrosive priming on December 6, 1957 for rifle caliber rounds including AP, Ball & Tracer. Smaller calibers changed over on February 25, 1958. and “After these dates we did not load anything with corrosive primers.”.

This is from a letter from FN dated June 5th 1967.


Alright, this is were you will figure out that I really don’t know anything. It is Berdan primed with 2 flash holes and just assumed that they are all corrosive. That’s ASSumed. Guess I’m wrong. So what is it?


Construction type (Berdan vs Boxer) is a mechanical thing
Corrosive Vs NC is a chemical thing.
The 2 are exclusive to each other, but what IMHO causes a lot of confusion is people thinking that because it’s not (easily) re-loadable that it’s also corrosive. That and all the later date Corrosive Berdan that came from the former Soviet Union countries