FN .303" Tracers

A shooter has 'phoned me with queries on .303" ammunition he has recently purchased.

The first are: 50 round carton, white paper label with red printing stating .303T and a loading date in 1953, rounds have what he called a “purple” tip and are headstamped FN 52. Now I know that the tip colours on some Belgian rounds are a bit unique, some tracers have been described variously as red, cerise and crimson tipped so his interpretation as purple is open to question. Are these likely to be standard tracers, made for military use (because of the date)?

The others are: Loose rounds, red tipped, headstamped F N * (a five-pointed star). As these are not dated does this signify a commercial contract tracer round?


Dave, I can’t answer your questions but I can at least post a picture of the cartridge your friend is asking about -

1000 round case from same era. 20 round boxes however. JH

Thanks Jim and Haak