FN 380 2z Question

Is a FN 380 2z cartridge the same as a 38 Smith & Wesson ?
Thanks Bob

No, it is not. It is the same case type as the .38 Smith
and Wesson cartridge. The bullet is the same, though,
as that loaded in British .380 Mark 2Z cartridges. I had
a small lot of these cartridges from FN once, and they came
out of the Malay Peninsula, probably from the Singapore

I suspect your mention of “.32” S&W was just a typo. :-)

John Moss

John Thanks for the reply.
I have edited my first post to correct my typo.

eading hrough some older posts again, and Confusion:
What is the FN .380, and the .380 Mk 2Z, as opposed to the .38 S&W, which is the same as the British .38/200, yea?

Jack the .380 MK 2Z is the MK II version of the .380 Revolver.

The .38/200 is the civilian name (you will find Kynoch rounds with this headstamp) for the British .380 MK I revolver in that it had a 200 grain bullet.

The MK II bullet was a 176-180 gr. jacketed bullet.

There were .38 S&W rounds made with the 200 gr. lead bullet mostly for the Police market & I think they even had a ‘brand’ name, like Chief or something.

The Z in the headstamp means it was loaded with Nitrocellulose powder, & FN was the maker, as John notes, fulfilling the contract.

I have (2) packs these rounds, labled “30 CART .38 ORD BALL FN”, headstamp "FN * " over “380 2Z”, I am not sure if that can be seen through the plastic cover.
When they were brought in by Interarms, they labled the case lots as 200 grain, British .38-200 ammunition.
So, now I know.
Thanks all!

The .38 S&W is still loaded for the US market, primarily with the 200 gr lead round nose bullet, Remington production.

The last Remington catalog I have is 2017 & they only list the 146 grain bullet. And in looking through my around 40 plus different REM-UMC or R-P headstamped .38 S&W’s none are 200 grain.

Re the FN * .380 2Z mine weighs 240 grains total weight.

All with jacketed bullets and headstamped as MK 2 Z: one from South Africa (S.A/M.) weighs 243gr, a R L is 244.5 gr, a “CIS” is 242.4 gr, a “K” (Kynoch) is 242.7 gr., and a WRA is 244.5 gr.

All MK I’s with a 200 gr lead bullet: Canada is 266.2 gr, R L is 265.7 gr., a R L dummy is 257.1 gr. and a K .31 is 264.4gr

With a KYNOCH .38-200 headstamp and a lead bullet - 262.6gr., a proof variation with the same HS is 264.4gr.

So the loaded MK I with the 200 grain lead bullet has a weight of 262 to 267 gr.

The jacketed bullet, MK 2 Z weight is 242 gr. to 244 gr. while the FN * 380 2 Z weighs 240 gr.

How does that have a 200 grain bullet in it?

In my above reply that the MK 2 bullet weight was 176 to 180 you will see the 20 or so grain difference to the MK I which had a 200 grain lead bullet.

I would suggest you check catalogs to see the .38 S&W bullet weights offered by various makers, and this is one reason why they are not the same as the British .380 MK I or MK II.

Neat packet, 1st one of those I’ve seen.

Pete, the FN bullet loaded in the .380 Mk. II is indeed lighter and has a nominal weight of 177.5 gr (11.5 g).

From FN 1973 catalog:



Hi Fede

That is exactly what I was trying to explain (the hard way) to BadgerJack, that his could not be a 200 grain loading.

Thanks for the catalog scan.

The 200 grain bullets Remington .38 S&W I was referenceing was the 47 or so brand new boxes we had just before the shop I was working at closed last year.
So, yea, my memory may have been off on the phrase “current production”…


I would like to see proof of these 200 grain bullets. You say there were 47 or so boxes when it closed last year 2018?

Yet none of the 200 grain .38 S&W are offered in the 2017 catalog.

So when were they offered by Remington?

I don’t want to add a 200 grain load by Remington to my want list without some proof they exist. As I said I have some 40 plus Remington or REM-UMC, .38 S&W in the collection of around 350 rounds of .38 S&W, and none of the REM-UMC or R-P are 200 gr. loads.

Thanks for the help with this.

Sorry, my bad, they closed in March 2017, (last day open was on my birthday).
I cannot say the ammo was recent production, and I did not have anything that shot it at that time, so I did not buy any, but one guy came in and bought the entire stock the day we started the closing sale, that is why I remember the amount.
And, yes, I may be mistaken on the manufacturer, but that is what I remembered.

So no proof.

Memory only… I am sorry I am not as perfect as some here.

That’s fine, just didn’t want anyone to read your post & think it was a fact, but your statement qualifying it as a memory only solves that.