FN 40 soft point. Commercial or handload?


The FN 40 topic reminded me of this one I have sitting in my cabinet.

Is this recognizable as a commercial load, whether it be an original soft point or a remanufacture by replacing the projectile?



That may be a product of Interarms (or Interarmco?) out of Alexandria, VA, USA that imported a lot of surplus ammunition into the U.S. (and possibly other countries) refitted with soft point bullets. This pic shows some .303 British that I believe were from that source. Note the crimp and the “knob-like” projectile tip on these. Very similar to your example.



Dave, interesting shoulder and case-mouth differences on your 3 .303 rounds. What are the headstamps?



L-R: 1944 DI Z, K1940 G II, R^L 1939 G II.

I think the crimps appear different due to the variation in case lengths. Note the end of the crimps towards the shoulder are pretty much the same height from the case heads. It is interesting how much variation there is in shoulder configuration and I suppose headspacing at the rim can allow for that.



I think much of the variation in these three cartridges results from the partial collapse of the shoulder when the softnose bullets were seated. Note that the middle round has the sharpest shoulder and is also the shortest in case length. Jack


There is a marked difference among .303 shoulders on different makes of ammo but the difference usually errs on the soft side as a margin for safety, the shoulder is not critical. The crimps would be regarded as excessive, especially the one on the right