FN 52 .303 British - Corrosive?


Is the .303 British ball ammo stamped “FN 52” Corrosive?


Unless you are willing to test it by firing a primer against a mild steel plate, along with a primer known to be corrosive and one known to be Non-corrosive, and then put the plate overnight in a damp place (next to a wshing machine, etc.), I would treat it as corrosive. I have never tested this round, but a bid quanity of it - 52 date - was sold in the U.S. and it was represented to dealers to be corrosive. That is the way we sold it. Again, I am going only by that - we never bothered to test it. It sold very well as “corrosive” ammo, so we had no particular reason to challenge the importer.

  • Yes, the ammo is corrosive. I fired .303 British [7.7X56R] rounds with brass cases made by FN in 1950-51. The cardboard ammo box has the label printed in Dutch and French and some of these rounds were made for the “Bren” gun [as marked on the label]. Liviu 03/11/07