FN 7.63 Mauser overlabel

I bought 2 boxes of wartime FN 7,63 Mauser ammunition a few years ago. Took em out fir a photo shoot today and noticed traces of a red label under the military one.


There was a considerable quantity of 7.63 m/m Mauser ammunition sold in the U.S. in the 1960s in 25 round pink labelled boxes as seen above. Never saw the German-language overlabel. Jack

I used to see both versions fairly frequently, less so lately.

I have seen the German Military box, although I don’t have one, but have never seen the pink box with French-language label, likely for Belgian comsumption originally.

I have a box that was imported in some quantity into the USA many years ago. On the back it is stamped with the US-required “Keep out of the hands of Children,” and the importer’s name, “Vic’s for Guns, Galveston, Texas.” On the sides are the factory marking:

Fabrique Nationale d’Armes de Guerre, S.A., Herstal-Liége.

Shown below is the top label.

John Moss

Sorry this opened as a separate reply, and that it used so much space for a small picture. I obviously have a long way to go in learning how to post pictures.

John Moss

Interesting, John, I don’t recall ever seeing that English version. Might be an East Coast/West Coast distribution thing.

Jon - knowing FN, it wouldn’t surprise me if someone came up with the same basic pink label in the Spanish Language, as well. We never had any of this ammo at the store, so don’t know what the distribution was. I remember “Vic’s for Guns” well, and I am sure we did a little business with them, but not much.

The ammo in the box is headstamped F N * with the star being a well-formed five-point version. The letters are with Serifs, which on most ammo I have seen would mean pre-1945 or older. Perhaps that German label is not too off on the production era. It would be good to know the headstamp on that ammo, especially if FN and whether or not the letters have serifs.

I can’t see FN producing an English Language label in 1941, with the Germans already in control of the factory. I am thinking these pink-label boxes may date from the late 1930s, but I have no proof of that.

The pink label on mine, by the way, is not over any other label as far as I can tell.

John M.