FN 7,65mm Ammo

I picked up several plastic boxes of FN 7,65mm ammo today for my Beretta 81. Each box contains 25rds of ammo.Marked FN 7,65mm Pistol PL M76 OXYLESS NON MERCURIC. All are sealed. Any info regarding this ammo would be most beneficial, should I keep it or just use it. Thanks in advance

If the boxes are not sealed, it would be nice to know the headstamp on these rounds, especially if the are dated. Most commercial FN 7.65s are not date, rather just with headstamps F N *. Some of the more modern ones have a headstamp, and I am doing this from memory with simply a made-up date, to show the format, of FN 7.65 81 (or other dates).

John Moss

I can add that the M76 is the flat tip load.



Fede - thanks for the observation. I missed that entirely. You would think I would have mentioned that, since I have one full box of one of the variations, and a total of 12 variations of this series of police loads in 7.65 x 17 mm from FN in my collection. Lots of meplat-diameter variations, purple seals and no seals, commercial and dated headstamps, etc.

I also failed to note that some FN 7.65 mm rounds are headstamped simply FN 7.65, rather than have just a “star” figure at the bottom, of a trinomial headstamp that includes caliber and a date.

All in all, my original answer was pretty incomplete and sloppy. Sorry for that.

John M.

Thanks for the responses. I opened one box of the ammo, the rounds are marked FN 7,65. They are flat nosed. I picked up 10 boxes of this ammo.