FN 7.92x57 ID

Brass case w/headstamp “FN (?) 38” and green PA.

CN magnetic bullet with Green Tip and Case Mouth.

I assume this is an AP Fabrique Nationale made in Belgium for someone else? Who was that and what is the letter or symbol?


I understood this to be a Yugoslav contract, using a Cyrillic “P” for Perforante (or something akin to that).

I think that story is pretty correct. I know there is some argument over which country the ammunition was made for, but it is AP and the symbol is the Greek “Pi” or the Cyrillic sound “Pe”. I never have been certain of who it was made for, as a primary contractee for FN 7.9 during that period was Lithuania, but I don’t think that they used the Cyrillic alphabet until they fell completely under Russian domination, and I don’t know exactly when that was. I could be wrong - I really know nothing about the Lithuanian language except to observe that cartridge box labels made for them are not in Cyrillic.

It could have been for Yugoslavia. They did begin making this caliber themselves in 1928, and made it every year until 1941, when the Axis occupation interrupted production. However, until after WWII, they did not seem to make much in special purpose loads - only ball, and perhaps blanks and dummies. They may have chosen to purchase their AP, tracer, etc.

Perhaps someone knows for sure.

Jon and John,

Thank you for the information. Yugoslavia makes sense. I’ll keep a look out for any I see in the future that may have a box with an indication or other confirmation on who it was for.


Supposedly this headstamp also exists in a sS (heavy ball) loading with plain CNCS jacket and black annulus. I have never seen one, The picture was taken from the internet a number of years ago. I wish I had saved the whole article!

FN also produced 7.92mm sS ball and tracer ammunition in 1938 with the FN C 38 headstamp. What is the significance of the C?

Phil, if the “C” has a cyrillic connection it will be a latin “S”.

BTW: Wat would be then a green PA without CM and tip color? (hs as the first ctg. in question : FN (cyr)P 38


Phil, I am honored that you think I may find out something about these cartridges but the fact is that I know less than you.