FN 7x57 Mauser bullet weight?


Hello all,
I have a small collection of 7x57 Mauser cartridges (all spitzer type) made by FN from the late 1950- to the early 1960s - does anyone know what bullet weights FN loaded their cartridges to? I was under the impression that they loaded only 140 grain bullets, but I am not sure certain - I don’t really want to dissasemble them and check! Thank you very much!


Yute - on my way out of the house, so no time to research. If not answered when I come home tonight, I will try to find out. However, you don’t need to take apart a round to get some idea of bullet weight. Just weigh any 7 x 57 you have that you know has a 140 grain bullet. Then weigh your FN round. They should be close. They will not be right on due to differences in the drawing of the brass and powder charge, but my experience is that for a “quick sort” this system works.


Yute - I am sorry to report that I didn’t have a single duplicate 7 x 57 round of FN manufacture. Thought I might. I was going to pull the bulelt and weigh it. None in my collection because I don’t collect those calibers. However, I have an FN catalog (Post-WWII) that shows the bullet weight for the 7 x 57mm as 9 grams (138.9 grains) for ordinary ball, and 8.95 grams (138.1 grains) for tracer - both are nominally 140 grain bullets. Just what I would have thought for this caliber. Muzzle velocity is listed as 840 meters per second (roughly, if I am calculating correctly, about 2570fps). Hope this is of come help, anyway.


Dear John - thank you very much! Both of your posts are most hopeful. The catalog confirms what I suspect, but I will double check by weighing - now to get a scale! Thank you again!!


Yute - the four tools that to me are indispensable for the cartridge collector are the magnifying glass, scale, vernier caliper (LED type preferred, or at least a dial indicator) and magnet. I couldn’t collect without them. 25 years ago, I didn’t need the magnifying glass much. Now, I have about a half dozen of them spread all over my room and I keep a nice folding B&L glass in my pocket everywhere I go, just like my money clip. I love getting old! I would recommend an electronic scale, with LED read-out. They go from inch to metric with the push of a button, so you can get both measurements almost instantly. Great for a math idiot like me, that has trouble converting from one system to another, and can’t “think” in the metric system. They really don’t cost a heckuva lot more than a regular scale these days. I use an RCBS and it works just fine for me.

Of course, the other important tools are books - buy a cartridge and you learn about one cartridge. Buy a book and you learn about hundreds.

anytime I can help you with anything, let me know.