FN Ball and Incendiary 7.65x54 Mauser Cartridges with Mixed Headstamps


Here is a Spanish language box of 7.65x54 ball cartridges with SS bullet manufactured by FN in 1939. All cartridges inside have cases headstamped F N 39, except for five F P N 38 (initial for AP) and two F PT N 38 (initials for AP-T). Also, most cartridges, including those marked P and PT, have a dark blue primer sealant, while some headstamped F N 39 also have dark purple and dark green sealant. All of them weight about the same: 24.95 g +/-0.05.

And another box of 7.65x54 cartridges by FN, in this case in French language and loaded with incendiary bullets. All cartridges inside are headstamped F SS N 35, except of a single example headstamped F S N 35 (however, half of the contents are missing). These weigh 22.75 g +/-0.05.


Fede, could be argentine air force contract ?


Javi, I don’t know, wish I have information about these contracts. The FN 39 cartridges may have been used by the Army because some fired cases were loaded by FM as blanks. They are very scarce, however.




Thank you Fede, another question, why in the case of the incediaries, they dont used a code like I (for “incendiaria”) as in the other ones (P or PT) Regards 🇦🇷


Well, the “I” headstamp does exist and was used for incendiary cartridges with red tip, but I’m not aware of a yellow tip incendiary with that headstamp. In this box I would have expected to find standard headstamps with date, but they evidently loaded any available cases, at least for export contracts.


👍Got it.


It seems by far not the end of the story. Recently, I acquired this PT (perforante-traçante) from 1940 with green annulus, green tip and green casemouthsealing. And there was also an E-type. With the E of éclairante. But in advance: my knowledge of Belgian Mauser is only basic.