FN box, 100 cartuchos propulsivos para CETME

Hello to everybody,
Some time ago a friend give me a empty ammo box from FN, I don’t know what type of cartridge had inside (grenade projection I supose), what was his use un Spain. Can you help me?

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I hope this helps somewhat:
‘Cartuchos Propulsivos’ means ‘Propulsive Cartridges’, so, yes, likely for Grenade Launching.
‘Polvera’ means either ‘Powder’ or ‘Powder Box’, depending on the useage. Here I presume it is refferring to the powder type, (or the powder charge?).
If I am wrong, I hope I to be corrected by those with greater knowledge, after all, does not the old saying go something like this, “Each man is my master that I may learn from him.”?

Hola Diego,

That’s an Spanish contract box and it came in different loads (standard, short and long range). Argentina purchased a similiar box -different spelling- for our FN/STRIM rifle grenades. The 2.30 g load was the standard used with 40 mm and 65 mm grenades. Cartridge variant for this load is star crimped and waxed.

The spelling on the Spanish box is interesting, because pólvera is a very old form of current pólvora that was dropped in the 19th century!



Hi BadgerJack and Fede, thanks so much for your answers, someone know something about the cartridges inside of that box? I’m refering about headtamp, length, lacquer color (if ir has)…

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Sorry, no.
If I was lucky enough to have a sealed box, I would not open it either. I learned that lesson when I was a teenager, back when the earth was young…