FN cartridge

I just turned this up at the bottom of a box. Whatever it is, it has escaped its little envelope with its identity on it. Can anyone tell me what it is?

The case is 53,54mm long.
Overall length is 75,40mm
Casehead diameter is 12,02mm
Bullet diameter is 7,98mm

The bullet is copper jacketed and is non-magnetic, the headstamp is ‘FN 78’, the primer is brass and the annulus is very dark purple.

Happy collecting, Peter

Its a 7,65 Belgium Mauser, 7,65x53. The cartridge was adopted by Argentina, Turkey, Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, Paraguay.

Synomyms are:
7,65 Argentine Mauser
7,65 Turkish Mauser
7,65 Mauser M1889
DWM 367

Bullet diam. 7,9mm
Case length 53,6mm

THis is probably the last regular manufacture of FN 7,65 Military ammo for Latin America.
Large quantites of this ammo was surplussed in the early 1990s through Samco Global and Sarco in the USA. ( who also carried Mint M1909s etc)

I have several cases of the stuff, and it is excellent Target ammo in my 1909 Argy. Long rifle.
Noncorrosive, Berdan, and arguably the best 7,65 ammo ever made.

As to the country of contract, the labels on the 100 round packs are in Spanish, so it could be for any of the Latin countries using 7,65mm Mausers.

I would suggest that being Loose-pack 100 rounds, it would be for MG or LMG use, rather than Mauser rifle (which is usually in clips, even the FN contract stuff ( of the 1930s).

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.

I saw lots of these cartridges and cases it should be a Argentine order.
I will look for a box I have somewhere (sorry but I will be out for a couple of days).
Do not forget we have still a lot of rifles by 1982 that were used during Malvinas (Falkland) war for guarding continental coasts.