FNM 7.62x51 Date code

Can anyone shed any light on the date codes on FNM 7.62x51 Ammo? I have the following headstamps: (brass cases, brass primer cap, green PA). One is a fired case and one an inerted ball round.

FNM 95-03 L37A1 (+)

FNM 95-04 L37A1 (+)

Is “95” The date (1995), and 03/04 a lot number or the other way round (95 Lot number, 2003/4 date)? As I have two of these, both marked “95” I think that this is the year and the second number the lot number. am I correct?

You are correct. I am sure that “95” is the year and you have two consecutive lots from that year.

Cheers John, I thought 95 would be the year.