FOA (Fiocchi of America) headstamp on 32 Auto

I am familiar with the 9mm Luger ammo with the “FIOCCHI USA” headstamp, but was just told about a box of 32 Auto that a friend picked up at a gunshow that was headstamped “F.O.A. 32 AUTO” The box was Fiocchi marked and said “MADE IN ITALY”. The load was XTP EXTREMA" and the box is also marked “LOADED WITH HORNADY BULLED” (no not a mistake. Bulled, not Bullet).

Has anyone seen other Fiocchi pistol ammo with the F.O.A. headstamp?

I’m particularly interested in finding out if it shows up in 9mm Luger!



If only you had posted this yesterday! I was at a show today, and I swear every other box of ammo I saw was Fiocchi.

Hi Lew: I have not seen in 9mm yet. The only ones I have are 25ACP and marked 25 auto, 32 S&W and 45ACP. I bet it is only a matter of time for the 9mm.

I recovered some F.O.A. 32 AUTO last week, along with G.F.L. 7.65mm. At the time I mused that F.O.A. might equate to Fiocchi Of America, but I’d previously only seen the FIOCCHI USA headstamps. F.O.A. and G.F.L. cases were identical except for headstamps.

Mmmmmmmmhhh never seen that in Italy. Wish a FOA 9 x 21 existed too!!