For a list of cartridge books


Found this while searching for color codes.

Let’s see who can collect them all, first. GO!



Rick, this list was last updated in 1998. Smoke did a nice job on it, but if you check the bibliography linked to the IAA home page, you will find that it is more recent plus includes all of these (I believe) and many, many more.



I thought it was a bit old. Smoke’s list. And I didn’t know we had our own. I just focus on the forum. And the Cartridge of the Month. Thanks Teak.


Slick Rick–You should take time to look over the !AA main Web Site. There is LOTS of good information, including a headstamp identification guide which is currently in the process of being greatly enlarged and improved.


Rick (and others) - as our IT guy(s) have time, there are many enhancements we will add to the site. One of these will be to make the main IAA site and the Forum more of an integrated whole. Presently they are two separate modules. When done, the link(s) to the main site will be more readily at hand for Forum users.



I want to say the current headstamp lists are a very good resource and it is wonderful that the IAA has them posted for all to use.

Personally, I can’t wait until the new expanded and improved headstamp identification lists come out. There are so many headstamps that are not included and for amateurs like myself these lists are invaluable to help solve mysteries and improve our knowledge.

I might also recommend color coding lists to be added sometime in the future as well. Depending upon the country these can be very difficult to locate.

This will be a welcome improvement! Keep up the good work.