For conus use only


I seen this can of LC 74 at a gun show and was curious as to why is was marked for CONUS use only.
Was there later to be found some defect that made it unfit for combat use? Or did they just didn’t want it be shipped to Vietnam knowing the war was coming to an end?


I guess CONUS=CONtinental US, but I don’t know why either.


Yes, it means for use in the Continental US, and is applied to lots of ammunition that do not deserve the cost and trouble of shipping overseas. NORMALLY, a lot is downgraded to this status when it is no longer intended to be used in WAR but only for TRAINING, which is mostly in the Continental US. Some examples where this has been applied: Lots of ammunition in which the tracers have failed to light; lots with links that have some rust, but still function; lots where the packaging has degraded to where it may not withstand the environmental insults of being shipped overseas or handled under wartime conditions.



That should also include ammunition which can not be used abroad for legal reasons no?