For EOD: Boxes of danish LE and military use ammunition

Bin diving is not always pleasant, but you may find some useful items such as these boxes:
(I may have shown some of them before, sorry if they are repeats…)


Hi Soren,
Thanks a lot!!!
Bin diving is one of the most prosporous things to do!

What is that RWS box? And are all these boxes LE and military or is there a probability of “civilian” pollution?

EOD - The green RWS boxes appear to be identical to those in which this ammo came to the American commercial market. That of course, doesn’t preclude use by the Danish Government. Simply an observation.

The RWS box is ‘made in USA’ and contained 9mm 85 grain frangible loads. On the side is stamped: TMP12H1013. There are other codes on the end flaps but they look like printers’ codes. Manufacturer is indicated as RUAG Ammotec USA with a web adress
I am quite sure they are all LE use, Frangible loads are not offered for sale commercially here and they all come from bins and dumpsters at ranges used by the Copenhagen police academy, embassy security, the military SF community and police do. which train often at both Kalvebod and Hanebjerg range near Hilleroed.
The FMT contract 9mm made by PMC in Korea is also slowly seeping out to local units and therefore lost/dropped on range sections where i go. Have 5 AMA 10 rounds by now. They are sloppy…
Just got a empty metal can today of that military 9mm, photo soon.

As I said, the fact that the RWS/RUAG frangible ammunition was sold commercially in the United States doesn’t make that the all-inclusive use or market place.

Can you tell us the headstamp of the frangible cartridges that came in the two RUAG white boxes with “RUAG” in blue print? Pictures would be great.

The same for the PMC headstamp (AMA 10?). I have never seen one of those rounds and it would be nice to see the head of the cartridge, and for that matter, also a side view of the entire cartridge for bullet profile, etc.

Thanks for anything you can do in that regard.

Soren, thanks again!
Did I get it right that the M/10 in the brown boxes are made by PMC?

The 9mm AMA 10 can be seen here.

Torben - while perusing your link to Arma-Dania, I noted they did not show the M1910/21 Eksercerpatron (9 x 23 Bergmann Bayard Dummy Cartridge) with three rings on the case. The 9 x 19 mm version was shown. Did I miss something here?

Do I understand correctly that the AMA 10 headstamp on the Arma-Dania, that came in the brown box, is manufactured by PMC in Korea, both components and loading?

Just want to make sure I understand!


Here’s some pictures:

Back side of can showing where it is made.

Inside of box showing why the 72 round count came about; using any available space in the can.

From left: Police MEN contract, FNB danish defence contract, 070 (m/39B, labelled as M/41 contract for danish defence) and AMA 10.

Same as above showing cartridges (John Moss’ request) John: If there is anything more You want to know, more than what’s on Arma-dania, please ask, for example pulling down a cartridge etc.

I do not have a picture of M1910 / 21 Eksercerpatron, therefor it is not there

Torben - I sent you by direct email a picture of a 9 x 23 Eksercerpatron that is in my own collection. Hope you get it o.k.

Thanks for posting the added pictures of the AMA 10 box, cartridge profile, and can showing “ROK.” One more box and cartridge to look for!