For Inert Grenade Collectors Beware of These Replica Grenades

From the FaceBook group Grenades and Ordnance of the 20th Century-

Posted by group member Stephan Wilden on 6/25/2021 to show his craftmanship and sell replica grenades:
Quote: “My beautiful homemade copy of the Splittermantel for German Egg m39. I hope you like it. if someone wants one, let me know.”
Photos posted by Wilden:


Another post by Stephan Wilden, July 13, 2021

Quote: “A few of my homemade copies leave the house and I hope that they will be well received by their new owners”
Photos posted by Wilden-

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This is really impressive!
I hope he has applied reproduction marks that can not be removed!!!

Send him a message on FB, he answered: “it’s not made of iron, that’s how you see it”

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Still remarkable! This guy knows his business!

While prowling for items in Europe I had a gentleman offer me about half of the models shown in the group photos above, a group of six grenades for 250 euro. The problem was that they were not fakes, and inerting Nipolit is not an option (I declined the purchase). Still, they are so seldom seen that just the chance to see and handle them was sort of a privilege, criminal acts aside. Lead me not into temptation…


… or, Get the behind me Satan… and push! :wink: