For Sale - British Sporting rounds

We have prepared the first list of items from the estate of John Belton. List 1 contains many extraordinary rounds including a T. Turner #2, a 500/450 3" Match, a large selection of NA&A Co rounds and many other fine rounds.

Please contact myself or Will Adye-White (powdertin) for the list.


The list just arrived in my email in box!

Hi Mayhem,

Yes, if you are listed as a collector of British in the IAA membership roster, I sent the list directly to you.


Thanks Paul. I was trying to figure it out until I saw this post. Then it all made sense!

Hi Paul,

Please send me the list.


Hi Paul, could you please send me the list

Please send the list to me at

Got my list. Thanks. A lot of work went into that; it really looks great.

Thanks Guy. Team effort. Will did most of the work on the spreadsheet and I did the photos. It worked out very well.


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Hello Paul, can you send a copy to

Thank you,


Please send me the list to Thanks a lot.

We have just finished the next 2 sets of lists and they have been sent out to all that received them in the past.

  • List #4 is a continuation of the Belton collection and contains his core collection of Snider’s.
  • List #5 is from a smaller collection and contains primarily British items (military and commercial).

If you’d like to receive these lists, please let me know.


Please send me the lists to Thanks a lot.

Please send me the list to