For sale: Cartridges from all over the World (e-book)


Cartridges from All Over the World continues from the previous volume, Legacy of the Three Line Cartridge, of the series of books covering military cartridges used in Finland prior to 1945. This second volume covers other than 7.62 mm x 54R rifle and machine gun ammunition the Finnish Defense Forces and the Civil Guard were using in the early decades of Finland’s independency and during the Winter War 1939-40, the Continuation War 1941-44, and the Lapland War 1944-45. The title of the book, Cartridges from All Over the World, is quite telling because during the wars there were over twenty different rifle calibers used by the Finnish Army, Navy and Air Force. The cartridges we were using that day were literally from all over the world, Japan to the United States, not to mention numerous European countries. There was ammunition from Sweden, Belgium, Po-land, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Germany, the United Kingdom, France… A lot was also captured from Russian troops in 1918 and later from the Red Army in 1939-44.

As was the previous volume, this one is also based on our book Finnish Military Cartridges 1918-1945, originally published in 2004 by Apali Oy. The contents are, however, throroughly revised, reorganized in slightly different order, expanded, and improved in many other ways. The most important improvement can be seen in cartridge illustrations which are in full colour now. There are also more images compared to our original work. Images are provided with English captions and a short English summary follows each chapter. We hope this helps also a non-Finnish speaking reader to understand most parts of the book.

The book has 104 pages full of information. The printed copies are no longer available but an e-book version as a 32 MB PDF file is still there for USD 10.50 (or EUR 9). All three e-books as a bundle for USD 25 (EUR 21). PayPal accepted.

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