For Sale: Legacy of the Three Line Cartridge (e-book)


Legacy of the Three Line Cartridge covers the 7.62 mm x 54R cartridges used within the Finnish military and the Civil Guard prior to 1945. Primarily this ammunition was called the three line cartridge because of its original Russian name. Later on it was known as the 7.62 mm rifle cartridge in Finland. As a matter of fact, this cartridge is still used by the Finnish Defense Forces over 120 years after its introduction in 1890. Many of the cartridges mentioned in this book were still used decades after the WW 2 until the stocks were depleted or the cartridges had to be disposed of because of their old age. Cartridges with D-166, D-46 or D-47 bullets have been loaded up to these days both for the civilian and military use.

The purpose of the book is to supplement the three chapters dealing with 7.62 mm cartridges in our book Finnish military cartridges 1918-45 published by Apali Oy in 2004. This book has been out of print for years now and unfortunately there will be no second printing of it. Texts have been updated, there is some additional information as well as new drawings and photographs added. Perhaps the biggest improvement is, however, that almost every photograph and drawing is in full colour now. The main text is solely in Finnish but there is an English summary after each three chapters and every image is provided with an English caption, so this book should be most informative for a non-Finnish speaking reader, too.

The book has 106 pages full of information. The printed copies are no longer available but an e-book version as a 40 MB PDF file is still there for USD 10.50 (or EUR 9). All three e-books as a bundle for USD 25 (EUR 21). PayPal accepted.

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