For Sale or Trade: IAA Journals & ECRA Bulletins

  1. Starting with the 1st quarter (Issue # 336),1987, and ending with issue #483,Jan-Feb,2012. 25 years of the ICCA/
    IAA Journals,if my count is correct,there are eleven (11) issues missing issues from this 25 year span.
  2. Starting with issue # 283, Jan. 1988 thru issue # 564 Apl 2012. 24 years. of the ECCA / ECRA (European Cartridge
    Research Association) Bulletin. Again if my count is correct there are 12 issues missing from this 24 yr. span.
    I will have these on my Table at SLICS.They are for trade or sale as one unit,I will not break the two(2) sets up.Will trade for 7.62 x 39’s that I need in my collection or sell. Be advise the two combined are a little on the heavy side.

Charles.J.Wells (Jack)
Sgm.USA. Ret.

Someone called,and left a message ref. purchase of the above publications,but failed to leave a name or call back #,if still interested call again or PM. me. That goes for any one else that might be interested.

Gone ! Donated to IAA.