For Sale: Polish 9x19mm box with Brass Plated Steel Case Cartridges

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Made by Medef Defense Limited, Cyprus & Ankara, Turkey and headstamped for GROM (Wytwórnia Amunicji Grom) a company in Poland. The brass plated steel case is not common. Details on GROM at . It is not clear why these would show-up in Venom boxes. No previous GROM marked cartridges have shown up in the US as far as I know!



S&B also makes 9x19 amongst other calibers in brass plated steel / Bi-metal in the last few years.

Their sold a line of this brass plated, steel case ammo about 6-8 years ago in the US. Nobody that I knew from the Czech meetings I attended until recently had ever seen it. I brought it to the meeting that year and surprised the Czech collectors including guys who worked in their quality control and in their development shops. They were convinced that it wasn’t made in the Czech Republic but probably Russia or Ukraine. The bunters must have come from S&B since there were both Military and Commercial hsts, one on 115gr and one on 124gr loads. I sold or traded alI brought to the meeting for the next couple of years. I have not seen this type of ammo from S&B since then