For Sale: pre-rolled, live-fire ready paper cartridge tubes


Reproduction live-fire ready paper cartridge tubes (projectile included) for muzzleloading military small arms, are available for arms of British, French, German, and U.S. designs in all major calibers. Inert cartridges can also be prepared for museum displays and collectors. In the near future I will be adding live-fire cartridge tubes for rifle-muskets of British, U.S., and C.S.A. designs. A typology is presented for the different cartridge assemblages, along with a bibliography of sources used in researching the different cartridge types. Cost is approximately $13.00 per 20 cartridge tubes, including finishing materials when necessary, and illustrated instructions for finishing the cartridges for use. Can be shipped worldwide.

Thank you for your time.
JD Lancaster
J. Lancaster Paper Cartridge Co.


Just wanted to post an update that U.S. and C.S.A., American Civil War cartridge types are now up on the Cartridge Company’s site. Please come take a peek if your interested. I do not yet have prices posted, so feel free to contact me if you are interested.

This is the U.S. Type-1855

J. Lancaster