For sale/trade


Please contact me for details, additional pictures and delivery options.

.700 NE by WR

  1. 17 mm Danish rimfire. ‘T’ headstamp.
  2. .450 Needham. Waffle primer. Beautiful condition. SOLD
  3. .24 ga Howdah pistol. 24 GJ headstamp
  4. .45-70 Rabbeth. W.R.A. Co. .45-70 headstamp. Sabot has small crack.
  5. 11mm Comblain, match load. No hs but 2 lines across base. Small dent in shoulder.
  6. 7.5x48R Bronne carbine. SFM factory dummy with case holes. No headstamp. Apparently very scarce/rare.
  7. .45 Enfield. Near mint condition. D.C.Co. 45 ENFIELD hs. SOLD

Also, please send me your want lists. I will be seeing a large dealer/collection next month and who knows…may be able to fill some gaps.



Also available:

A great .297/230 Morris with classic D. C. Co. headstamp