For those who may collect linked ammunition

As I’ve mentioned before, I collect linked ammunition, but I’ve not met another who does. But just in case there are others on this board who also collect linked/belted ammunition, I have some information to share. I’ve been in recent contact with Jean-Luc Bonelli (Chairman and General Manager of Eurolinks in Marseille, France); they specialize in the manufacture of metal links for machine guns and automatic cannons of the world.

They have a very diverse product line, and Mr. Bonelli is currently obtaining prices for me on small lots of links that I want. Certain products of theirs haven’t been manufactured in a while, so they can only sell what they have available in inventory (or if money is no object, they’re happy to start the machines up just for you…). Depending on prices and availability, I’ll be picking up a small quantity of links from them (3-5 each of the majority of their product line); if there’s any interest, I’ll be happy to share the prices/results?

Mr. Bonelli also mentioned that he has approximately 2000 links for an experimental KBB version of an Oerlikon 25mm weapon system that he would sell. He said that such a link “doesn’t exist” anywhere else in the world (and isn’t mentioned in their catalog). I asked for more details about the weapon system and will advise on what I find out. He made mention that I should buy the entire lot and sell them piecemeal to collectors, but I told him that there was no way I could afford the entire lot.

Anyway, just thought I’d share in case anyone else was interested.


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Sounds very interesting, please by all means let us know what you come up with and maybe provide pictures if possible. How about pictures and info of special items in your collection?
I know Jean-Francois Legendre has published a number of fine articles in Small Arms Review on MG belts and links, available on line at (requires you to subscribe or pay a small download fee)

Unfortunately acquiring links this way would probably be cost prohibitive if not logistically prohibitive for most people like myself here in the U.S. unless someone was able to bring samples to SLICS or one of European cartridge shows. If samples were made available at SLICS I have no doubt they would sell.


bdgreen; I’m in the US as well, so I’ll see what his prices are and then go from there. It may or may not be cost effective for links used in US weapons, but it might be the best thing going for foreign weapon systems. I’ll post some pics of my stuff when there’s some worth taking; most of my stuff at this point is all commonly available stuff.


Hmmm, and I thought I was the only guy that collected linked ammo . . . albeit 10 rounds total each because I’m in Kalifornistan :o

Thanks for the info



Please, if you can, provide some pictures and information on any markings on links when they arrive.

I have to say I’m somewhat surprised that you are able to get a company in Europe to sell you a few belt links with all the restrictions and regulations on the books nowadays.

While not a big time collector of links, I grab onto them when the opportunity presents itself and they fit the budget.



Thanks all; still waiting for a reply back. He’s likely checking to see what he actually has in inventory.

glassparman: I don’t collect full belts either; usually 20 rounds of calibers .30 and under, 10 rounds of ~.50 caliber down to .30, and then 5 rounds of anything over .50 caliber. For the big stuff, it’s usually drill/dummy rounds (to keep costs down) and then add individual rounds as I find them.

I’m always looking for more stuff. If anyone knows of a decent price on any of the following, I’d be interested:

Cloth .50 BMG belts
Early cloth Browning belts (for 6mm Lee)
Vickers/Maxim belts
M2 .30 caliber links (only used for about 4 months)

I’m also trying to get ATK to sell me a few links; particularly trying to find some MK15 links used on the 30x173 Mk44 cannon (GAU-23)


List posted here: