For trade - 9mm Luger Peters & Winchester boxes

The boxes below are duplicates and are available for trade for US boxes of similar or earlier dates that I need for my collection, or any 9mm box that I find sufficiently interesting including the 9mm Browning box shown at:
Or any other box that interests me.

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Peters began post WWII loading of 9mm Luger in 1947 as best we can determine. This box was loaded in the second half of 1947. A very early example of post WWII Peters 9mm Luger production. Full box.

Winchester stopped commercial production of 9mm Luger and many other calibers when the US entered WWII. Beginning in 1939, Winchester began military production of 9mm Luger. The initial production was for Finland and was based on the Finnish 115gr Round Nose load initially developed for the Suomi kp/-31 submachine gun. This initial production was not delivered to Finland but was later sold to Britain, and Winchester subsequently produced large quantities of this ammunition for Britian, the US and Other countries. This ammunition had the commonly encountered

During 1940 and 1941 they also continued production of commercial 9mm Luger ammunition with both truncated Full Patch and Hollow Point bullets. Initially this production used the normal commercial WRACO headstamped case with a cannelure.
At some point the military style cases were introduced to the commercial production. The two boxes below are part of that commercial production. Both are full boxes.
image image
image June 1941

image image
image November 1941

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