For what typ of ammo, was this bullet by RWS intended? 10,75mm /base 10,4mm

Here a box of 25 bullets by RWS/Utendoerffer, made on 1932/1935 or 1936…depending which letter the first letter on the date code should picture.
Its very badly stamped, and can be anything from B, to E or an F…F should be excluded, as it has no underline that long on his “feet”…
A B or bad stamped E is more likely…
The base of the bullet hase 10,4mm, and the Kalibratingring shows 10,75 (to 10,79mm) and as given on the box as 10,75mm bullets. Bullets are 20mm long…
So, for what caliber on ammo it should be? In my mind, is the 10,4 Swiss (450/400 or 10,3x60R ??, but I do not knew the dims of that bullet configuration. Has someone an RWS Catalogue with this bullet pictured and described?
Thx for your help.

and more pics:
10,75 RWS Bullet 20mm lsng

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This bullet is listed in the 1930 RWS catalog as Kupfermantelgeschoss Vernickelt but it’s not listed together with any particular cartridge.In the 1934 RWS catalog it is listed as Nur noch lieferbar, solange Vorrat reicht (only availble until stock is empty). Here is a Swiss drawing from Altdorf dated December 1920, and the bullet shown is very close to the RWS version.

Here are the listing from QL for 10,75mm bullet:

10.75 x 45 R Gründig
10.75 x 52 R Gründig-Dornheim
10.75 x 57 Mannlicher-Mauser
10.75 x 58 R Russ. Berdan
10.75 x 63 R (Mauser)
10.75 x 65 R Gründig
10.75 x 68 (Mauser)

This is a Teschner bullet design:

Thx @Vidar, thats it…
As the Bänziger used sometimes the same bullet, as the 10,4x60R/450-400 Swiss version, it could be used for booth…ah, just found out, it was also used in the 10,4x42R
But I have to find a drawing of the (10,3x60R/450/400 Swiss…) as shown in he pic here…

Here the pics from the 2 candidates

thx for this listuing, but that are no cartridges using similar bullets. Gründing and Mauser uses roundnoses softpoints, or fullpatch…
a russian Berdan in this caliber I do not knew…
4-linecaliber yes, but not 10,75… so, it is just a synonima?


Thx Fede for the catalogue excerpt…it matches the lenght and the Führungsdiameter…
The caliber above the drivingband is exactly 10,4mm…
But why the boxes are all stamped with a D ???


Here are the Swiss drawings for the 10,4x42R and 10,3x60R. As you can see, these two bullets don’t match your bullet.

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