Foreign Letters and characters

On the “Forum Tech Issues” department, I have just posted the way to use foreign-punctuated letters and some other symbols when do an entry here, so for example, instead of “Espana” you can properly write “España.”

Hope it is some help. It is actually quite easy to use. I figured it out, and I am totally computer illiterate.

If anyone has an easier way (I have not found any), they are welcome to comment, of course.

John Moss

John–Read my post on the Tech Issues Forum on how to convert your entire keyboard to a lots of foreign languages, such as Spanish, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, etc.

Also see in the same post how to use the MS-Character Map Program.

These are two ways besides the entry of ASCII characters from the keypad. BTW, ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange (acronym: ASCII).

In another post you said you did not know how to enter columns of information (something not possible on the old Forum) but can be done easily on the New Forum. See my post on thge Tech Issues on how to do it.