Foreign punctuation test

This is a test to see if Foreign punctuation works:

Hæren Tøjhus

That seems to work fine.


How do you add the Foreign Accent marks? Do you use ASCII code numbers punched in on the keypad?

Any source for foreign alphabets?

Ron - It is the ASCII code, whatever that stands for, or at least my wife says it is. For those that don’t have this code available to them (I don’t know if it can be found on the internet or not - mine came out of a big instruction book for one of the programs), it is a four-number code normally, in the characters I used, starting with a zero.

To use any given character in the series, you first hit and hold down the “ALT” key on your computer keyboard, and then type in the number on the number keypad to the right on your keyboard, not from the number keys that are above the alpha keys on the board. If you use those, the system does not work.

You do this when, while typing your text, you come to a letter that has special punctuation that you want to use. Simply doing the above causes the letter with the proper punctuation you want to appear in your text.

The more common codes are:

0223 ß German hard S
0224 à
0225 á
0226 â
0227 ã
0228 ä
0229 å
0230 æ Scandinavian-style dipthong "ae"
0231 ç
0232 è
0233 é
0234 ê
0235 ë
0236 ì
0237 í
0238 î
0239 ï
0240 ð
0241 ñ “n” with Tilda
0242 ò
0243 ó
0244 ô
0245 õ
0246 ö
0247 ÷
0248 ø
0249 ù
0250 ú
0251 û
0252 ü
0253 ý
0254 þ
0255 ÿ

Capital Letters and some other symbols

0188 ¼
0189 ½
0190 ¾
0191 ¿
0192 À
0193 Á
0194 Â
0195 Ã
0196 Ä
0197 Å
0198 Æ
0199 Ç
0200 È
0201 É
0202 Ê
0203 Ë
0204 Ì
0205 Í
0206 Î
0207 Ï
0208 Ð
0209 Ñ
0210 Ò
0211 Ó
0212 Ô
0213 Õ
0214 Ö
0215 ×
0216 Ø
0217 Ù
0218 Ú
0219 Û
0220 Ü

I would suggest printing this out somewhere and taping it to a piece of cardboard with transparent tape. It can then be kept handy for immediate use.

If anyone knows an easier way to do this, they are welcome to post it. This system is really quite easy when you use it, as you do not leave the site you are on even temporarily to get the characters. Sorry it is so long. Don’t know how to do columns on this site.

John Moss