Forensic Ammunition Service

Is anyone familiar with the accuracy of these?

Kass, George A., Editor.
1979 Rimfire Headstamp Guide, Part 1. Spring Arbor Michigan.
1980 Rimfire Headstamp Guide, Part 2. Spring Arbor Michigan.
1980 Rimfire Headstamp Guide, Part 3. Spring Arbor Michigan.
1981 Rimfire Headstamp Guide, Part 4. Spring Arbor Michigan.
1981 Rimfire Headstamp Guide, Part 5. Spring Arbor Michigan.
1982 Rimfire Headstamp Guide, Part 6. Spring Arbor Michigan.
1983 Rimfire Headstamp Guide, Part 7. Spring Arbor Michigan.
1983 Rimfire Headstamp Guide, Part 8. Spring Arbor Michigan.
1985 Rimfire Headstamp Guide, Part 9. Spring Arbor Michigan.
Note: Sold by George Kass, Forensic Ammunition Service, Okemos, Michigan. These 9 volumes were designed to be sorted into a 3 inch three ring binder using Kass

Much more accurate than most printed material on ammunition of a similar nature. I have not looked at the CF segments for a long time, and much is found out as time goes on. There might be some errors of omission, or of information in a few based on what we know now. there may not be also.

Regarding the Rimfire Series, George Kass had the finest rimfire collection in the world - may still have, although I don’t think he has been actively collecting them for awhile - including the best .22 box collection in the world, which was a great source of information as well. I doubt that anyone knows more about rimfire ammunition than does he, and perhaps not as much.

I wish he had kept up on the rimfire series. I think the centerfire series would be fifty volumes by now, with all that has turned up and all that has been made since he terminated it. Perhaps too daunting for anyone put in that form.

If you do rimfires, you need his work if he still has whatever he did of it. I don’t know if it is still readily available, though.

Yes these books are still available.

JP–I can vouch for the accuracy of the Rimfire Headstamp Guide as I was the Co-Author and did most of the photography for the series. George and I did not publish any headstamp unless we had a positive identification. There was NO guess work an any of them. We had either an actual box with that headstamp inside or a factory drawing of the headstamp. We NEVER relied on advertisments or other collectors for identification.

George and I were in business together for 8 years (1981-1988). The Centerfire Headstamp guide was published after he and I broke up. I was just at George’s house last week (he only lives 5 miles from me. We talked about his CF Guide. The same careful work of absolute identification continues with this work as we exercised on the RFG. While George has discontinued the collector version of the CF Guide, it has been continued on CD. George’s major source of income is Expert Witness at crime trials identifying
cartridges from crime scenes. He sells the CD to Police Crime Labs all over the world, for, if I remember correctly, $6000. As he said about the accuracy of the ID’s, “You can not make mistakes in the court room. Peoples lives may depend on it being right”.

Oh yes I know that!
I have the books and they are very very good.
I discovered many intersting hstps and info on Flobert rounds (because I am including them in my book on shotshells).
Till now George is the best expert in Rim Fire rounds.


Kass is one of the few who turned this hobby into an occupation.

Thank You ALL for your comments. I had purchased the two centerfire vols and 6 of the 9 rimfire vols from Ray Riling Books. Through more internet sleuthing, I found Mr. Kass actual address and sent him a letter and gave him my e-mail. He replied via e-mail and I purchased the missing three vols from him (and cheaper than from Ray Riling books). He said he has ALL of the issues available. I had googled his name and found it associated several times with the Firearms and Toolmarks Examiners Association. He also mentioned that a 10th volume had been in the works but never was published.

One of the things that I most enjoyed in these volumes is that he has an illustration of the boxes from which they came, known calibers/chamberings for each headstamp, some dates, the case materials, the bullet finishes, and remarks.

Smoke Pfeiffer