Foriegn ammo contracts in 9 x 19 for the spanish army

When the Fábrica Nacional de Toledo, the Toledo plant of the Santa Bárbara company, was shut down in 1995, the spanish Army requested for bids for 9 mm Nato ammunition.

The first contract was awarded to Winchester in 1995.

<<<Hstp: (Nato WRA 95)>>>

Note: my mistake, obviously. The correct hstp is (Nato WCC 95). (Edited by Schneider).

The second contract was awarded to the italian firm of Fiocchi.

Hstp: (Nato G.F.L. 96)

It seems that Fiocchi won some other contracts. Here is a box dating from 2004. It is quite different from the 1996 one.

The headstamp should be (Nato G.F.L. 04), but I didn’t keep any samples.

The Palencia plant started production of 9 mm Parabellum in 1996, but they seem to have trouble meeting the stringent Nato specifications. However they were the purveyors of the Guardia Civil, the spanish militarized police. The civilian police purchases elsewhere.


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