Fort Bragg, N.C. 1966 grenade training


These are 2 pages about grenade training from 1966 Fort Bragg Company B, 1st Battalion, 1st Training Bridage graduation book (Nov.10, 1966). Dedicated to Rick and his passion for hand-thrown bombs. Anyone who thinks he may be in this book, PM me for your photo.


Anyone see Jack Wells???


Looks pretty much the same as the training I went through in 1987! I distinctly remember all of the M-67 grenades we used were made in 1969… the same year I was born. We must have made a billion of these during the Vietnam War for so many to have still been available for training so many years later! You had to wear your helmet at all times on the grenade range, because fragments would rain down on you even a fair distance away from the bunkers. Still have some frags that landed on my head, kept as souvenirs after all these years…