Fort churchill manitoba cold climatic trials

I was given this ammo can a few years a go by a friend of mine and have tried to identify the contents of it as well as documentation on these trials to no avail.
My main questions are what does the purple striping mean on the box? Is there any documentation available from this trial? And does anyone have pictures of the shell that would have gone with it as well as its marking?
While taking pictures I discovered a box lid and three cardboard disks inside what would the box lid have housed and are the disks ammo related?
Thanks to anyone who can provide information.

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I apologize for the order of the photos they were posted from my phone and seem to have gotten a little mixed up

I believe the “105mm Light Gun” is referring to the British 105mm L118 artillery gun. The purple stripe typically indicates experimental in British service.

The L118 105mm Light Gun was not introduced into service until 1975. However, there was testing of prototypes from 1968 onwards. Presumably, this box contained ammunition for the ‘Cold Climate Trials’ of the weapon at about that time. The ammunition was already in service with the Abbott SPG.

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So this box would be british for a test conducted in Canada? Would it have been conducted by the british themselves or by the Canadian army?

I see the letters PRF on this can, with purple stripes on each end of that side of the can. Could this mean and be for Proof ammunition? I have several British proof loads that are identified by a purple stripe across the head of the cartridge case.

John Moss