Fort Rosecrans, San Diego, California


This must be the smallest military museum in the world, dedicated to American fortifications of a small promontory overlooking the bay of San Diego. It was built to prevent Japanese attacks. This shows that ammo may be found in the least likely places.




Vlad, Thanks for sharing with us your travels. They are, as always, very enlightening. Plus it’s fun to see the ordnance you find in those out of the way haunts. Very much appreciated and I, for one, am highly curious to see what you visit next. Thanks again, Bruce.


I am going to Arizona to a place most seasoned collectors consider to be heaven.


Vlad then you are going to Tucson To the Woodin Lab???


Let me put it this way - I loved Bill’s dogs. Really. Even though the half-wolf took its time to trust me.


I am holding a cartridge standing in Prescott,AZ. Harry, could you guess where I am? Hint: it is also a giant ammo museum with a very friendly host and great room service.


Did you ask when Vol III would be out? Bruce.


I saw them working on vol.III at the table,but did not ask about it.


Mmmm. Bill Woodin have a lot more Cardex cabinets than I have :-) Just restoring my first one.


Vlad then I think Prescott Mmmmm at Pete’s house!!!

And see Hi from me


Bingo!!! You won a trip to Las Vegas.


(Big facepalm) darn… The Woodin lab is in Tucson, stoopid me…


Thanks for the trip Vlad to Las Vegas!!

and please bring me $$$$$$ ha ha!!