Forthcoming Report: Syrian & Iranian ammunition

G’day all,

I am working on another SAA assessment, this time for the current conflict in Syria. As you can imagine, there is a large volume of both Syrian and Iranian ammunition (predominantly 7.62x39) in the mix.

As we all know, differentiating production from the two countries is far from an exact science, but I would like to ensure that this report reflects the current ‘best guess’ approach of those with expertise in such matters. I have approached a handful of you already, but if anyone else wants to weigh in on some images of Syrian/Iranian ammunition and packaging that have been collected, please get in touch.

I am not able to post these images online as they have not been published for the most part, but can make them available to those who wish to assist. Please email me:

Many thanks in advance; this is an excellent community for sharing knowledge.

Many thanks for the responses so far, gentlemen.

I am assembling a small working group to discuss differential identification of Syrian and Iranian cartridges via email, as well as looking at the specific examples I have from Syria (some, I believe, which have never been publicised before).

If there is anyone else who feels they could contribute, please get in touch shortly.