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Is it only me or do others also have issues accessing the forum under Win7 + IE ?

Yep, having problems too, but it opens OK at work. At home I am on a VPN but the computer opens other websites. At home it is a Win7 upgraded to Win10, but it is a straight Win10 at work.

Microsoft has discontinued support for i.e. 7 so I think a lot of people that make software stopped supporting it as well.

The company that makes this forum officially is deprecating support for IE 11 on June 1 of next year as Microsoft will have stopped support for it by then too.

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Can you relate what all that means in common English? For those of use not conversant in Computerize we do not know what that all means.

Thank you.

John Moss

Yeah, and I am struggling again Win10 too, it was OK for a while but now playing silly buggers again after the last Windows update a few days ago.

Only way I have got on now is by using Firefox!

Note I can get on with IE to the site but cannot get into this Forum with it…

With the latest Windows 10 update if I click on the “Latest” tab, the “Unread” tab or “Top” tab near the top of the page I get an error message that says something went wrong. The only way for me to exit this error message is to hit the back arrow, top left corner on the screen. Never had this problem before!


Same problems as Brian. I’m running Win 10 with IE 11 - latest updates of each.

“discontinuing support” basically means “stop repairing”.
The most important kind of “repairs” to us end-users is plugging holes in programs through which malicious code (viruses) can enter your computer via your connection to the internet.
For example, Microsoft has stopped updating Win 7. So newly discovered logical holes in Win 7 will remain open and make the system very prone to attacks.

I can open it just fine with Win 7, but I use Firefox, because I despise IE…

My laptop has Win 8, but I downloaded a program called “Start 8”, so it has a much better interface.

Update on access;

I still cannot access this forum with Win10 and IE Version11.418.18362.0 this is at Update Version 11.0.155.
I see all the site on entry (assuming I do not use a short cut) but when I get to the forum I get this;

and the roundrel just carries on spinning.!
However if I go to my Icon and click on it I get a list of the last things I have posted on and likes etc. (See next screen shot)

Now if I select anything on there and click it, that topic will open up perfectly OK. (See next screen shot).

So quite odd what is happening, I can only get “normal” access through Firefox for now. Guess I will have to wait for the next update to see if that clears it up.

No problems on my macBook. Ron

In my view the problem lies in IE11 itself, no matter which “broken windows” it is in.

I use Firefox also, and never have a problem getting into the forum, although I seem to have more than my share of problems in opening some links on various threads.


I agree, if I use Internet Explorer I have problems, if I use Chrome I don’t have any issues.


All these issues JUST started for me. I don’t know if Microsoft updated IE 11 in the past few days, or if the forum host changed something. I also have Microsoft EDGE on my Win 10 laptop, but seldom use it as it is slower and more of a resource hog than IE 11. However, I just tried it (using it now) and all the forum features work like they should (and used to last week w/ IE 11).

Combination of Win 10 & IE, just stick with Firefox, since it is less prone to problems.

These are what everyone should use. Next year many websites will stop working with Internet explorer after Microsoft ends its support of Windows 7. Microsoft Edge is the browser that has been packaged and default on Windows for years, and even Chrome and Firefox work on old computers and old Windows versions if you still have them.

Start experimenting with them now and learning them before things stop working for you.

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My last employer had Chrome on his computers, and we ALL hated it… just sayin’.

Loads of Windows 10 updates this morning, access is now fine to the forum :)

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skip, skip (sorry)

Many issues are due to Older Browsers and not Operating Systems, although it usually follows a pattern where support for the OS goes away and they higher browser won’t work.

However, you can always request the latest IE (internet explorer) and see how that works.
ALSO, download Chrome and Firefox (chrome works well with most things - so download it and try it out - many times one browser will work and another one won’t.