Forum look

Does anyone besides me not really care for the new look to our forum?

Do we have a new forum look? After reading your message I logged off and restarted my browser (Firefox) to be sure, but the forum looks the same to me.


When did this change take place? Mine looks the same also.


Here is a screen shot of this page, I’ve now got these borders

Apparently firefox updated last night & I’ve now got this look & am not enough of a nerd to get it back.

I have Firefox version 91.0 (newest as reported by Firefox) and see no difference to pevious layouts.
There is no vertical frame line on my screen and the horizontal one between messages is faint grey, not black.
Apart from that, I see no real difference between your display and mine, which looks unchanged to me.

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My Firefox updated last night also but the screen appearance for the Forum didn’t change!

You seem to be missing part of the stylization, i.e. your all black lines are thinner, semitransparent on my end. Seems you are stuck in high contrast mode to me?


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Just also updated the operating system but no change. Also checked on Safari & it looks as it should {I’m on a MAC)

Firefox is also now on 91.0

I’ll check the contrast & see what happens. Thanks everyone.

I’m BACK, contrast was the problem

I owe you a beer or three should we ever meet.

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Glad to hear it Pete :grinning:


IAA Forum looks great to me!