Forum Moderator taking liberty to "clean up" topic titles

Hey all.

Pepper here, some of you may have noticed several topic titles “cleaned up”

Never ever claiming expertise but…

some spelling adjustments

some shortening (consolidation)

try to have uniform 9x19 not 9 x 19 or 9x 19

certainly reposting a title of “ID help”…“What is it” …to what appears be what you experts post as an answer

WHY ???

#1 reason …to make any future Forum searches more efficient !!!

(I was frustrated by my searches regarding the Sky Marshal thread)

PLEASE take no offense…offer suggestions…as any original authors can alter their own titles (back to what they wish) etc., etc…




Pepper, I fully agree!

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Good idea.
Makes it a lot easier to search when people use ‘normal’ titles.

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Be easy on me I’m a newbie :grinning::grinning::grinning:

I will be a little more descriptive on the next one’s title :+1:

Good initiative,go ahead,will be easier for researchers!!!

Welcome welcome Pat

we’ve all been “newbies” (no one will ever see your 1st post title…it went “poof”)

post away…ask questions…this worldwide IAA Forum baffles me most every day !!

(Get excited enough to consider joining the IAA…gentle nudge :slight_smile:

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Do “we” want to see i.e., “9x19” or “9 x 19” ?? (spacing?)

I’m not sure how discriminatory the Forum search engine is

I may have answered my own question…I think NO spacing brings better search results !!!

@Pepper without spaces please!

9x19 is a useful single search term
9 x 19 is 3 useless terms


agreed !!!

Yes Pepper,no spacing !

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I agree with jestertoo. 9x19 is a single “entity” wich can be easily found by a computer, while “9” and “x” and “19” are three independent words, which can occur everywhere, and not necessarily in this sequence.
I am happy Pepper and eric1 see it the same way.

GREAT and many thanks!

An abundance of titles like “What is this” have driven important contributors off the Forum!

Delighted you have taken on this task!


so…do “we” add “mm” when appropriate ?
(or remove it?)

and standardize it ???

should it be 9x19mm (no space) or 9x19 mm (w/ space) or no “mm”

the goal is uniform “search results”

I’d go for “without mm” as there is no need to burden the system (and users) with more data for possible errors.
Same as .50 and not .50" or .50 inch.

I did this for several years as an admin at Jan Stills luger forum and it seemed I got more pushback for people being offended, that I ‘changed’ their posting. That I quit doing it unless I was whacking them for being a jerk (language, sex, language).

I also got burned out on spending so many hundreds of hours doing this…

I agree with Alex that there is no real danger of confusing metric (Erfurt convention) and imperial designations. So no need to provide mm or ".

I am not quite sure what the problem is with using a proper ammunition designation. I hope this doesn’t degenerate into what some forum have, where everything it totally abbreviated into the corruption of language known as “computer speak,” where most of the abbreviations are not correct, and for those of us who still believe in proper use of language can’t even understand half of them. I, for one, do not consider over-abbreviation to be Professional, a word seemingly highly valued on this forum. It is precisely the same as using street slang, in my view.

Format is, I agree, far less important that content - that is, if one ones to write 9x19mm or 9 x 19 mm, or 9 x 19 m/m, etc., etc., I see absolutely no problem with that. Writing simply 9 is an improper designation by any standard.

John Moss

With do respect you would not see the issue if you never use the highly valuable search engine for the massive content in this worldwide forum. “Spacing” misspelling, abbreviations negates all results that aren’t exactly spaced, etc.,

Maybe the brains behind the “system” could make results appear that are “close” (to one’s desired search) but I don’t know that to be an option

9=0 results
9mm= 50+ results
9m/m= 50+
9 m/m= 50+
9 mm= 0 results
9 mil= 50+
9 millimeter = 39 results
9 x 19= 0 results
9x19= 50+
9x 19= 0 results
9 x19= 16 results
9mmx19mm= 1 result
9m/mx19m/m= 0 results
9m/m x 19m/m= 0 results

I’m led to believe they are all different results

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Pepper- Thank you!!!

Guys please keep in mind the new guys “like myself” don’t fully grasp the “lingo” you all use. I wouldn’t expect any of you to shoot an archery tournament with me and understand half the stuff I say. I apologize for being ignorant with my posts but it may take a bit for me to get up to speed??

No disrespect at all, just thinking out loud