Forum Moderator taking liberty to "clean up" topic titles

No worries. You aren’t breaking any “rules”. Enjoy the Forum.

I hope it’s ok to “fix up” your query title once someone answers your questions and then we all learn now, and in future, when a search is done.


Pepper - sorry, but I don’t understand your results. As I would have predicted, using a “9” only,as suggested (NOT by me) for the particular caliber 9 m Luger (9 mm Parabellum, etc.) was among those versions yielded zero results according to your table.

It is a shame that these computer programs, though, in many cases depend on complete corruption of the language to yield search results. You are right though; I seldom use the search on this forum. Just don’t find much use for it, but then, I print out everything of particular interest to me and file in in my library, where I can find it generally much faster anyway. I am not a computer “geek” (truthfully, I hate the damned things on several levels) and I do mourn the fact that sometimes when I am talking to younger people on some things, even though I consider myself fairly competent in my native language, I can barely understand them.

I am who I am and what I am, and I guess just too old to watch still another phony “in-language” take hold. Just my opinion, and it will not change.


This is where the tags (categories) come in to play as well.

I have something important to add to my comments about language-usage on the forum. I actually woke up to a subliminal thought about it. NOTHING I said applies to English-language use by our friends for whom English is not their first or primary language. While spelling and grammatical errors are not uncommon, their great contributions to this English-language Forum, even realizing that some are likely computer-made translations, are to me nothing less than astonishing. They are virtually always easily understood. The language capabilities of our members from other countries and language groups, and their willingness to try their best to use the language of the forum, are outstanding.

Keep those entries coming and never mind the grammar and spelling. The huge amounts of information you all supply transcends any importance language use may or may not have.

I am envious of those abilities. Thank you all.

John Moss


I’m all in favour of editing titles, as it makes life easier for everyone … it’s conforming to the system demanded by the technology we have. The body of text is a different matter, but fortunately that’s not what we’re talking about, there’s too much of that going on elsewhere at the moment.


I have posted more than one query in which the Tags had no accurate descriptive listed.
Can we write in a Tag like we do in the subject line, rather than choose from a list that is not applicable, or would that creat more difficulties?


Would agree that the Tags list is quite limited.

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Pepper, I saw you changed my “I-do-not-know-what it-is” title into something very clear. Very well done indeed!

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I personally do not use the tag list…

Yes the tag list seems to be too broad for most things and often there is overlap ie; the same point of discussion is found in both 9mm & 45-70’s (exaggerating just a wee-bit here)

can we at least standardize on 12.7 vs 12,7? :wink:

Agreed on Tags…I can’t seem to add one/any…it may be awesome if there were a “100” that popped up and you could choose “close”

We are all barking up the same tree. This is an awesome resource. Lets make it even better. Us oldsters and veteran/regular users should be gate keepers.

Keep it fresh…clean…accurate…welcome “come one…come all”

yes…I change commas to periods all the time Is that a cultural thing. I am ignorant of many many norms from outside the US

I’m all ears

The problem is that most non-native English speakers do use the “comma” instead of the point and ignore that this is a mistake when attempting to post something in English.
Almost impossible to teach this to people for some reason.

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This is an English language forum. In my view the decimal point is the natural thing here.

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This is exactly my point!
Writing in English means also sticking to the language rules as far as one knows the language.
And the English decimal point is subject in English lessons in schools (same as pronounciation of the “th” - in most cases to no avail). So in my view no excuse for foreign people not to use it.

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no worries boys…we crawl before we walk…walk before we run

everything in time…a few fixes and suggestions here and there

lets not offend anyone…if anything gets out of hand…it gets “nuked” !!!

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Re; the comma or komma”

If on a headstamp or box that is being described but not pictured it should be exactly as on the headstamp or the box.

If in a title or in writing if an English or US round I try to use a period / dot, but for European or others I try to use a comma. Just as a personal courtesy I try to do. For whatever that’s worth.


Pete, that would mean we will have 7,62x51 and 7.62x51 ?

I note that the categories use neither. So it is 762x51. Also only 9mm exists, no 9x18 or 9x19 etc.