Forum problems

I am going to risk being admonished by our Administrators by posting this here but I asked over on the “Tech” Forum and didn’t get much response. I don’t think anyone reads that Forum.

I have been experiencing problems with the Site for the past few weeks.

Often it will not open at all.

Other times it is extremely slow.

Often I will get no “Topic Reply Notice”, you know, the big *.

For some reason it will require me to log on just a few minutes after I had posted. For example, here’s what I got just now:

You cannot post new topics in this forum
You cannot reply to topics in this forum
You cannot edit your posts in this forum
You cannot delete your posts in this forum
You cannot vote in polls in this forum

So I had to log in to post this question.

Is it just me??? I admit that I am a computer ignoramus but I don’t have these problems with other Forums that I visit.



Thanks Phil. I feel a little better.

Now, just wait until somebody starts blaming it on the AZ heat. ; ;)

It snowed here this morning and I bet you got rain.


Interesting, I am on the Forum off and on most of the day without a problem. I’m using Internet Explorer and Windows XP.

Just a data point for the forum guys. I am in Ray’s league on computers.

I got also pbs: long connection time, need to refresh, aso,

I have not noticed any problems recently, using Firefox or MS IE 6.0 browsers.

Chris B. is the forum expert and he is often traveling in strange places, but I hope he will see this and see if he can figure it out.

Sorry, I don’t know enough about the forum software to add anything helpful.

I am on the Forum without a problem. I’m using Internet Explorer and Windows XP


Its slow this morning but I haven’t had problems other than that.

I still cannot login usig firefox. I run Vista.

IE 7 is OK though.

If anyone is having forum issues, please let me know directly. The best thing to do is screen shot the issue when it comes up and document things like operating system, connection type and browser. I am fairly remote right now, with a shabby satellite internet connection and I am not having problems. Sorry to ask for all the details, but it’s hard for me to diagnose a problem with out actually seeing it.


In my case a screenshot wouldn’t show anything.

I’m running Windows Vista which has all the latest updates and I have a ADSL Broadband line, Firefox is also the latest version.

When I come on to the IAA page ( ) and click log in, I get the log in screen, I type in my username and password click on the log in button and I’m then returned to the IAA index page without having been logged in.

No problems at all with IE 7

It could be a problem with your browser’s “cookies”. Typically, you’ll need to delete the “cookie” for the forum and reaccess the site. You’ll have to sign in yet again, but it should stick this time.

Agree, I would check your cookies and cache in Firefox. Clear out both and then restart Firefox and see what happens. Do you use FF to go to other sites that require a log in?

Thanks for that advice Oh great computer guru’s… Firefox now logs in OK.

Works for Blackberry’s too!!


Dave S

It might be a tiny bit slower to respond than other sites but I don’t have any problems using the Forum.

I’m running Mac OS 10.4.11 and using Safari as a browser, just add to the variety of platforms.

Happy collecting and many thanks to all the folk that make this Forum run so smoothly.


I just got a e-mail 2 seconds ago saying I had a new PRIVATE MESSAGE but their was nothing new for a few day? Go figure :-) I use a Mac so that could be it??


Acquissition time here has been a little slow the last few weeks. What happens with me about once a month is when home page comes up the left box at the top is blank. No IAA. when this happens the forum comes up all grunky in blue letters and no pictures will show.

Ray it is not the heat or snow you are having problems with. Just quit using the barbed fence as a connection :-)


It sounds like software problems (cookies, malware etc) in your computer. You may want to try free versions of Ad-Aware by Lavasoft or Spybot Search & Destroy or something like that. And update frequently.


I have SpyBot, Ad Aware, and Avast. I used to go a long time between running them but lately I have tried to remember to use them at least once a week.

To all who answered, thanks. Most of what you recommended is Greek to me but I appreciate the education. Would you believe I haven’t had a problem since posting this question.