Forum statistics?

Do we happen to have forum statistics which give us all the numbers on users/visitors accessing the site? Like where visitors do come from, where members do come from, how many visitors the forum had in total in like one year etc., etc… Maybe having annual statistics?
Or is all this already available somewhere and I missed it?

Statistics for

588,530 page views in the past year by 220,000 different people from 207 countries

1 United States 66%
2 United Kingdom 6%
3 Canada 4%
4 Netherlands 2%
5 Australia 2%
6 Germany 2%
7 Belgium 1%
8 France 1%
9 Russia 1%
10 Norway 1%

68% of the visitors had never been there before.

33% visited on a mobile device and over half of those were on an Apple iPhone or iPad. The others were spread across over 1600 different devices.

Statistics for

2,135,689 pageviews by 250,000 different people in the past year from 210 countries. 75% of people got here from a search engine (mainly Google).

On average, each time someone visited they stayed for a little over 4 minutes and visited 5 pages.

  1. United States 46.66%
  2. United Kingdom 6.60%
  3. Germany 5.18%
  4. France 4.46%
  5. Canada 4.22%
  6. Netherlands 3.17%
  7. Australia 2.51%
  8. Italy 1.81%
  9. Belgium 1.81%
  10. Argentina 1.72%

about half of the visitors had never been here before.

25% visited on a mobile device and about 60% of those were on an Apple iPhone or iPad. The others were spread across over 1900 different devices.

Aaron, thanks a lot! This is a great info and overview. Right what I was interested in.

It seems there is a lot of interest around the world. Judging by the top ten I wonder why there is so little interest from other countries. Not that one will have the answer but imagine we would have more active people here from all over the world which could contribute in a great way.

From 210 different countries??? Are there even 210 different countries???

Google says 195-196. Taiwan is the variant. We have to find the other 15. Might have some cool head stamps! Bottom line. Aaron has helped us reach a few more folks than we used to. Thanks to all who contribute

I suspect that in a majority of the non-top 10 countries, a lack of a " gun culture " and restrictive civilian ownership of arms and ammunition limit people’s exposure and interest in our hobby…

In many places, arms and ammunition are very taboo… Thus the interest in looking but the unwillingness or lack of anything to contribute.

Just my opinion…


[quote=“AKMS”]I suspect that in a majority of the non-top 10 countries, a lack of a " gun culture " and restrictive civilian ownership of arms and ammunition limit people’s exposure and interest in our hobby…

In many places, arms and ammunition are very taboo… Thus the interest in looking but the unwillingness or lack of anything to contribute.

Just my opinion…


AKMS - You couldn’t be more spot on!

These statistics illustrate the demographics of cartridge collecting, due to people’s exposure of firearms, and their countries laws. All of which play a part. I am suprised that more of European countries wern’t ahead of Canada!


I am not much convinced about a lack of gun culture etc. in other countries as one large barrier is language. That I know for sure for the region of the former USSR where gun law is also quite restrictive but there are plenty of gun and ammo interested people and basically it is a parallel universe to what most people here think is the only one.
Same goes for other regions/countries like Pakistan (where they can not even discuss military ammo in forums - weird!) etc. and these are the few I know of.
I heard Japan has quite an own scene of which we are basically totally unaware of. Also the same community exists in China. And the latter ones are definately not known to have deliberate gun laws etc.
So the reasons must be elsewhere. I still wish they would be all aboard the same ship.

A lot of visitors to web sites are actually robot programs or “spiders” searching for information or to find sites with material they can use (for good or evil purposes- lots of bad guys hoping to find financial information, etc), email addresses to spam, etc. Many of these are masked behind obscure addresses, and routed through unlikely locations.

You also have the various systems creating “archives” of material, including the NSA, and commercial archiving groups.

So, in many, many cases, there is not a live person visiting to be amazed at the great information being shared, or having the slightest interest in ammunition.

Remember, for all of us who search for “cartridges” and end up somewhere selling printer supplies, there are probably a lot of people needing printer supplies wondering how they ended up with a bunch of “bullet fanatics.”

Quite a few collect only domestic ammunition. Maybe they feel they don’t need a “foreign” forum.

I wonder if the excess of “countries” is due to there being more top level domain codes than actual countries (with people having their service providers using those codes?), like .fo for Faroe Islands, even though they are part of Denmark. Same with Aruba being .aw but being part of the Netherlands.

Can you sort by cartridge? What is the one most mentioned? Is it really the 9mm Para, or the 30-06, or ???


Here we are discussing plenty if not most “non US” cartridges and that quite in detail. I would not see a reason for somebody ignoring the IAA forum on purpose unless he has a problem with the language but even that can be roughly managed with translation programs (as bad as they are).
I am doing this in other countries and it is much better than knowing nothing.

Here are the 210 countries and their percentage of the visits:

United States 46.6585%
United Kingdom 6.5957%
Germany 5.1804%
France 4.4569%
Canada 4.2170%
Netherlands 3.1673%
Australia 2.5069%
Italy 1.8132%
Belgium 1.8076%
Argentina 1.7161%
Russia 1.6783%
Poland 1.5214%
Spain 1.2926%
Norway 1.2679%
Czech Republic 1.2669%
South Africa 0.9086%
Finland 0.8326%
Ukraine 0.8021%
New Zealand 0.7783%
Hungary 0.6600%
Slovakia 0.6144%
Brazil 0.5159%
Sweden 0.4931%
Switzerland 0.4841%
Japan 0.4796%
Denmark 0.4501%
Austria 0.4495%
Thailand 0.3541%
Bulgaria 0.3451%
Greece 0.3273%
Turkey 0.3196%
India 0.2962%
Croatia 0.2742%
Serbia 0.2483%
Romania 0.2349%
South Korea 0.2014%
Philippines 0.1918%
Slovenia 0.1911%
Ireland 0.1892%
Mexico 0.1888%
Uruguay 0.1879%
Indonesia 0.1770%
Latvia 0.1634%
Pakistan 0.1566%
Lithuania 0.1514%
United Arab Emirates 0.1402%
Portugal 0.1392%
Israel 0.1381%
Estonia 0.1379%
Chile 0.1334%
Taiwan 0.1304%
Belarus 0.1299%
Saudi Arabia 0.1278%
Bosnia & Herzegovina 0.1203%
(not set) 0.1179%
Iran 0.1003%
Lebanon 0.0902%
Vietnam 0.0865%
Malaysia 0.0853%
Singapore 0.0719%
Hong Kong 0.0646%
Iraq 0.0642%
Egypt 0.0627%
Georgia 0.0612%
Palestine 0.0494%
Macedonia (FYROM) 0.0462%
Venezuela 0.0423%
Malta 0.0414%
Kenya 0.0404%
Libya 0.0399%
China 0.0391%
Colombia 0.0389%
Luxembourg 0.0389%
Jordan 0.0301%
Peru 0.0296%
Algeria 0.0275%
Kosovo 0.0260%
Bangladesh 0.0258%
Moldova 0.0256%
Kuwait 0.0253%
Kazakhstan 0.0241%
Afghanistan 0.0221%
Puerto Rico 0.0215%
Guatemala 0.0210%
Montenegro 0.0208%
Yemen 0.0206%
Cyprus 0.0204%
Iceland 0.0204%
Albania 0.0187%
Tunisia 0.0187%
Armenia 0.0170%
Morocco 0.0155%
Ecuador 0.0140%
Bolivia 0.0135%
Costa Rica 0.0135%
Namibia 0.0135%
Jamaica 0.0120%
Nigeria 0.0120%
Paraguay 0.0120%
Dominican Republic 0.0110%
Jersey 0.0103%
Sri Lanka 0.0103%
Syria 0.0099%
Oman 0.0097%
Bahrain 0.0088%
Cambodia 0.0084%
Mongolia 0.0082%
Qatar 0.0079%
Trinidad & Tobago 0.0079%
Nepal 0.0077%
Panama 0.0077%
Azerbaijan 0.0075%
El Salvador 0.0075%
New Caledonia 0.0071%
Guam 0.0064%
Mali 0.0054%
Myanmar (Burma) 0.0052%
Réunion 0.0052%
Antigua & Barbuda 0.0043%
Guernsey 0.0043%
Aruba 0.0041%
Zimbabwe 0.0041%
Ethiopia 0.0039%
Honduras 0.0037%
Isle of Man 0.0037%
Somalia 0.0037%
Congo (DRC) 0.0034%
Laos 0.0034%
Tanzania 0.0034%
Kyrgyzstan 0.0032%
Monaco 0.0032%
Maldives 0.0032%
Sudan 0.0032%
Côte d’Ivoire 0.0030%
Madagascar 0.0030%
Barbados 0.0028%
Faroe Islands 0.0026%
Northern Mariana Islands 0.0024%
Senegal 0.0024%
Suriname 0.0024%
Uganda 0.0024%
Bermuda 0.0021%
Brunei 0.0021%
Bahamas 0.0021%
Curaçao 0.0021%
Guadeloupe 0.0021%
Macau 0.0021%
Nicaragua 0.0021%
Ghana 0.0019%
Greenland 0.0019%
Belize 0.0017%
Mauritius 0.0017%
Zambia 0.0017%
Gibraltar 0.0015%
French Polynesia 0.0015%
San Marino 0.0015%
Angola 0.0013%
Burkina Faso 0.0013%
Cape Verde 0.0013%
U.S. Virgin Islands 0.0013%
Botswana 0.0011%
Grenada 0.0011%
French Guiana 0.0011%
Martinique 0.0011%
Uzbekistan 0.0011%
Andorra 0.0009%
Cuba 0.0009%
Djibouti 0.0009%
Dominica 0.0009%
Fiji 0.0009%
Liberia 0.0009%
Papua New Guinea 0.0009%
Tajikistan 0.0009%
Haiti 0.0006%
Liechtenstein 0.0006%
Mauritania 0.0006%
Solomon Islands 0.0006%
South Sudan 0.0006%
British Virgin Islands 0.0006%
Ã…land Islands 0.0004%
Bhutan 0.0004%
Cook Islands 0.0004%
Cameroon 0.0004%
Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) 0.0004%
North Korea 0.0004%
Cayman Islands 0.0004%
St. Lucia 0.0004%
Mozambique 0.0004%
Rwanda 0.0004%
Swaziland 0.0004%
Timor-Leste 0.0004%
Turkmenistan 0.0004%
St. Vincent & Grenadines 0.0004%
Anguilla 0.0002%
American Samoa 0.0002%
Benin 0.0002%
Caribbean Netherlands 0.0002%
Central African Republic 0.0002%
Congo (Republic) 0.0002%
Western Sahara 0.0002%
Micronesia 0.0002%
Gabon 0.0002%
Equatorial Guinea 0.0002%
Guyana 0.0002%
Niger 0.0002%
St. Pierre & Miquelon 0.0002%
Svalbard & Jan Mayen 0.0002%
Sierra Leone 0.0002%
Turks & Caicos Islands 0.0002%
Tonga 0.0002%

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Looks like Fede is doing 1.7161% of the visits here !

Just kidding I’m sure other Argentinians are visiting too.

But I do know he answers a lot more than 1.7161% of our questions & Thanks for that.

I realize guns aren’t exactly civilian fodder in China, and that English is not widely spoken there, but given their population I am still surprised that countries like Libya and the U.A.E. are ranked above them in the list. Also seems odd that there wouldn’t be at least a few Japanese IAA members who would at least be ammunition historians in the sense of pre-war and wartime Japanese munitions history. They are far down on the list.

Yes but Japan at .4796% is still 1200 visits and over 10,000 page views. So 3 - 4 people from Japan visit this forum every day.

Since Torben passed away 6 months ago only two or three danes visit regularly, it seems. Below Japan even.

A seller in the UK once told me he was in the process of shipping a batch of inert WW2 Japanese small arms cartridges to a Japanese collector. In order to get them through Japanese customs, they apparently had to have holes in the cases and the primers drilled through.

I’d like to see an ammo collection on St. Pierre & Miquelon…