Found 19 bullets in woods Poland


Today I was searching in the woods in my hometown in Poland with my metal detector where I found 19 bullets on a spot that was 3m2 big. I would like to know if these bullets are Polish or German and from WW1 or WW2?



From the headstamp, you have Polish ammunition, made in 1933. It is most-likely 7.92x57.

Not German? Because of the Weimar eagle…

Not Weimar eagle, but Polish Eagle used as National symbol of Poland from 1919 till 1939, and 1989 onwards.
“67” means brass case with 67% Copper, 33% Zinc ( copy of the German WWI S67 Case) and N is the factory indicator.

Doc AV

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Thank for the info!

The ‘67’ is the metal content, the ‘33’ I believe is the date.

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Jon, you sure mean the 67 stands for 67% Copper content as the whole case (100%) is made of metal.
Less telling you than the new people who shall get it straight from the beginning.

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Yes, Alex, you are right, I am ashamed ;) , I did mean 67% copper. I wanted to clarify Doc’s posting above. Still pretty sure the '33 is for 1933. ;)

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Polish Eagle = Panstwowa Fabryka Amunicji = Ammunitions State Factory- Skarzysko-Kamienna , Poland
33 = 1933 year of case productions
N = Metall supplier = Spółka Akcyjna Fabryk Metalowych pod Firmą NORBLIN, Bracia Buch i T Werner, Warszawa
67 = 67 % Cu and 33 % Zn
7,92x57 Mauser Ammo


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