Found 9mm where they were not suppoded to be

While looking for my box of GECO ‘Action-Geschoss’ [in other posts] I found two each of these beauties.

The first I had completely forgotten about. Neat little buggers, S&W headstamp, and almost sharp enough to cut yourself on, milled steel [magnetic] bullets.

Well, honestly, I completely forgot about these, too. Sealed boxes, so I cannot say what the HS is, and I have no idea whay I have them.


Now the question is…are those 124gr. Israeli rounds for/by Fabrique Nationale or do they have flat tip bullets? If the latter, I don’t recall ever seeing them. If the former…haven’t seen those either!

Well, thanks to my bad hand, I managed to drop the second box and got to play “50 round pick-up”, and this is what the IMI rounds look like.
As the label states, it is a FMJ-FN [Flat Nose], and the HS is “IMI 9MM LUGER”.
If it makes any difference, the flat point is appx. 4mm diameter.

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thx for showing that…
I can feel with you for dropping a box and spilling tha ammo around.
It happens most of the time if I go with goods to gunshows on unpacking…
Always a pleasure to hear the comments from the others :-)


Peter, my pain is your gain!

The only reference I have about this loading is the Action Ammo Ltd. 1989 catalog:

1989 25353535

I assume that you had to pickup the rounds because the box split open when you
dropped it. If that is the case, then you can understand why I don’t like, and generally
don’t collect, full boxes. I ruined a very nice old .44-40 box that I had kept with one of
my Winchester 73s, because I dropped it and it basically disintergrated.

John Moss

Only the end of the box came loose, not the entire thing.
The problem was getting 50 rounds back in a box which has an opening 1" x 1.75" and dropping them 4" into that hole- took me several tries!