Found my crown jewel!


I’ve been looking for this round since I learned of its existance several years ago. The Swedish 6.5x55 ‘pprj’ tungsten cored AP. Wound up stumbling across a couple & getting some mint tracers along with all sorts of other little Swedish goodies!



VEry nice.

What did something like that cost, if you dont mind me asking?


Guin, honestly I have no idea of value. I was talking to a guy in Sweden to get a special windage adjustable target sight for my favorite M96 rifle & sent him the link from Christian’s site detailing the pprj. A week later he sent me pictures of one! Totally got lucky there.

Anyways, I traded him some stuff he can’t get there for the pprj along with some very hard to find Mauser parts so an exact value is hard to pin down. I personally have been offering $100 to find another one & would probably go higher if needed. I can’t stand only having one!


Good find CBA, the AP is not impossible to find in Sweden, but for sure not common either.

A friend of mine asked for a crate of 6,5x55 for a training with a LMG in the within military and received a crate of AP rounds. He used it all up that day… Those were the days.



Is this the same as pprj m/41? I have a complete box, marked “10 st 6,5 mm skarpa patroner m/94 pprj m/41 K-4417 1/9”. 10 rounds on clips.



And this cartridge was TC cored?


Guess I shouldn’t put these through my Krag.



EOD, yes. Here is a picture sent from a friend in Sweden from one of their ammunition books showing the internal construction.



Ole that is incredible!


I had no clue these were exotic/rare, thought they were somewhat common still. Have seen loose rounds for sale on shows/a store that used to sell collector’s ammo nearby. I put the box in a Ziploc bag right away…!



n2130n, it says “AP core” there but not TC, this is why I am asking.


EOD, here is the discription from Christian’s site:

There just might be a round popping up on here soon thats been sectioned so we can all see. :)



I’m not entirely certain how rare they are, but I have never personally seen one for sale in the US.



n2130n, thanks, that clarifies it!
Very interesting they had this round back then already.


EOD, it is terribly interesting to me for many reasons. My family immigrated from Sweden many years ago, my favorite shooting rifle is the Swedish M96 Mauser & then Kevin got me hooked on tungsten cored ammunition so this checks all the boxes for me!

I find it very interesting in how the rear core is aluminum & the high velocity of the round compared to all the other Swedish rounds of this time. Seems very unorthodox for them in comparison.



Yes, it would be interesting to know what inspired them to go for TC at this point as TC was mainly used by Germany and Russia in those days but they were at war.


I wished I knew more background behind the developement of this cartridge for sure. However every one I’ve asked, whom are all more advanced collectors than myself, knew very little of the cartridge’s development. Most weren’t even aware of its existance. I’m going to keep digging & see if I can get more information out of Sweden maybe in some old ammunition books to add to my library.

This has all been a fascinating journey.



It doesn’t say in the chart or text but is the jacket GMCS?


I’m not sure what the jacket material is. I’ve only recently noticed that the older Swedish rounds appear to be copper & the newer ones appear to be cupro nickle, silver & highly magnetic. I will report back if this jacket is magnetic, I never thought to check. Since the cores are tungsten & aluminum that should sort it quickly.


Maybe thats why they abondoned this loading so abruptly? They weren’t at war & the cost was prohibitive.